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simulation.log file E+ output report

asked 2018-04-08 16:28:35 -0500

Ateyah A's avatar

updated 2018-04-08 16:29:06 -0500

hi all,

currently i am working for linking different files from E+ AND simulink in BCVTB. HOWEVER, i need to link log file in bcvtb from energy plus. i didnt finfthe simulation.log file after simulation.

i am wondering if some one help me to sort this issue and generate simulation.log



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The simulation log file is generated automatically.
What do you mean by " i need to link log file in bcvtb from energy plus."?

Thierry Nouidui's avatar Thierry Nouidui  ( 2018-04-10 11:02:02 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2018-04-10 11:05:34 -0500

Ateyah A's avatar

updated 2018-04-10 11:15:45 -0500

thank you Nouidui for answer,

actually i didn't find it with other generated files !!

thays why am askinf about how can i generate it simulation.log file .


i need simulation.log to configurate it with bcvtb to read the files


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