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Windows (frame) in OS

asked 2018-04-05 07:59:17 -0500

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updated 2020-01-20 15:05:39 -0500

I modeled simple window in OS SketchUp plugin: image description

Then I added frame properties: image description

And now I have some questions.

How is the frame take into account? If I have 10 cm wide frame, that means that the opening is 10 cm smaller all around?

If I determin window properties in OS as Simple glazing system (U, solar/visible transmittance), this U-factor I have to assing means Uglass or Uwindow?

I intend to use WWR measure in PAT. So WWR 50 % (0.5) means only glass surface or entire window surface (glass + frame)?

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-04-05 08:27:11 -0500

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From the Input-Output Reference:

"The window vertices that you specify in the FenestrationSurface:Detailed object are those of the glazed part of the window, not the frame. EnergyPlus automatically subtracts the area of the frame—determined from the glazing dimensions and the frame width—from the area of the wall containing the window."

The assigned window dimensions retain their integrity, and frame thickness is removed from the parent wall.

There is also some information here regarding Frame vs. Glass Conductance that may be helpful to you. There are a few different ways of assigning these, mainly dependent upon the granularity of information you have.

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