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ASHRAE System for Server / Computer Room

asked 2018-04-03 17:06:42 -0500

updated 2018-04-04 14:11:30 -0500

I have a Baseline model with a server room. I was wondering what the prescribed system would be following ASHRAE Appendix G?

A PTAC seems like the most straightforward answer but is there a baseline system type I should use for this space?

Currently the space is keeping a constantly load on the central chiller, producing 4000+ hour a year below a 10 percent part load, which is obviously unrealistic.

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-04-03 17:44:26 -0500

Per ASHRAE 90.1-2013 & 90.1-2016 Appendix G3.1.1.g:

"Computer rooms in buildings with a total computer room peak cooling load >3,000,000 Btu/h or a total computer room peak cooling load >600,000 Btu/h where the baseline HVAC system type is 7 or 8 shall use System 11. All other computer rooms shall use System 3 or 4."

So System 3 PSZ-AC or System 4 PSZ-HP is probably the correct answer for your application, unless you've got a really big server room.

image description

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Thank you for your answer, this was the perfect response.

JustinShultz's avatar JustinShultz  ( 2018-04-04 08:36:59 -0500 )edit

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