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Component shading object

asked 2015-02-17 02:56:54 -0500

updated 2021-05-07 11:39:45 -0500

Hi guys,

I am trying to model the shading around the windows in the openstudio sketchup plugin. Is there a way to do this in the form of a shading component instead of a shading group? Otherwise it will be impossible to test different shading types because i would have to change this manually in the model around each window.

I tried to add a shading group in a component but the shading zones apparantly have to be added at the top level of the sketchup model.

Has anyone had the same problem and maybe found a solution?

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-02-17 09:57:47 -0500

Both the legacy plugin and the current OpenStudio plugin use SketchUp groups to contain surfaces from the IDF or OSM file. A component is more like a definition with one or multiple instances. I can see why you would want to use that, in particular for fenestration and shading for fenestration, but it isn't currently supported.

If you worked in the newer OpenStudio vs. the legacy OpenStudio you could create a user script or measure that would replace windows or shading surfaces globally. We already do this for a simple overhang by projection factor, but you could make it more complex, or could even have a resource OSM file with a specific geometry pre-defined to be brought in, in place of existing shading surfaces.

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