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Is there a way to create a XML export to a specific format from Openstudio? We use a third party application on some parts of our designs that is called HVAC Solution. It has the ability to import gbXML files from any source and a specific XML file format from Trane Trace. The gbXML import only gives the zone area and nothing else while the imports to XML from Trane Trace bring in the building loads and airflows. Comparing the gbXML export from OS to the Trane XML export it appears that Trane has a specific scheme for their XML that HVACSolution uses to import the zone data.

It appears HVAC Solution uses a specific schema called "HVACSolutionLoadImport.xsd". What would it take to get the output data from E+ to the format required for HVAC Solution?

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You can create a simple tool to the update the gbXML from openstudio to the format that you desire. You can use any scripting tool or simply excel to take the information. You would need to clearly understand both the schemas to be able to do this.

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