High-Rise Blg Application: IES-VE vs EnergyPlus

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Hi guys,

I'm doing some research on working with high-rise building energy model (8-21 stories) comparing IES-VE and EnergyPlus (most likely using OpenStudio as the GUI).

Specifically, if the parameters include:

  • Dummy cooling system where you have to copy and paste the baseline sizing to the proposed
  • Incorporating natural ventilation
  • Exhaust driven ventilation

However, I haven't really done natural ventilation in OS and am laying out what I think the workflow would be for OS.

  • Set up baseline model first.
  • Apply PTHP system: Use a OS measure to apply PTHP for each thermal zone. Get automated sizing.
  • Apply Dummy cooling: Is there a measure to match the proposed cooling coil size to baseline? Otherwise, I think the work flow is to do save-as for the proposed model. Change the autosize to hard size for the dummy cooling through a script? It seem tedious to edit this for each zone in order to use the autosize feature for heating load in the proposed.
  • Exhaust driven ventilation where applicable: Not sure how this would be modeled.
  • Natural Ventilation: I haven't notice much measure on the BCL on nat vent. Is there a written workflow available?

In comparing between IES-VE and E+/OS, I understand that being more familiar in one software will have a significant impact.

  • Simulation run times:
  • File sizes:
  • Troubleshooting:

I appreciate your help in 1) validating the workflow in OS or how you would do it differently, and 2) give me your 2 cents on the 3-points comparison above.

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