DX-Dehumidifier shows no effect while availability is 1. Why?

asked 2018-03-05 10:15:55 -0600

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Dear all,

I have a problem with a DX-dehumidifier in E+ v8.5. It shows no effect while the availability schedule is 1. Also the Zone Air Relative Humidity is changing with the use of an Zone Control:Humidistat. Normally we didn't wanted to use the humidistat. We wanted to control the dehumidifier with an simple dualpoint controller via an Externalinterface:schedule. The transfer of the values works, but the dehumidifier does not work. Ther is no removed water mass to see and the humidity is not changing.
We tried the whole day to figure out why it is not working but we haven't been succesful today. Maybe someone could help us with our project. Thank you for your effort.

Best regards


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@weisser_pinky could you post a link to your model?

Avi gravatar image Avi  ( 2018-03-11 15:05:16 -0600 )edit