esoreader, view results with different frequency

asked 2018-02-28 05:55:26 -0600

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updated 2018-02-28 12:06:20 -0600

Hi, I'm trying to use esoreader ( with python.

I have an eso file with results with TimeStep and Hourly frequency.

If I type (where filenameESO is the path to my .eso file):

eso = esoreader.read_from_path(filenameESO)
df = eso.to_frame('heating')

I get a dataframe with 4 columns. Otherwise, if I type:


I get a list of 7 tuple (7 is actually the right number of variables that contain the string 'heating').

I have two questions: 1) Why do I get different results with 'to_frame' and 'find_variable' methods? 2) How can I get both TimeStep and Hourly results?

I would like to filter my results with a key word and with a frequency.

Thank you!

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