Ground Source Heat Pump Plant

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I am doing a research project in which I am trying to compare a unitary standard unitary dx cooling gas heat system versus a unitary ground source heat pump system using energy plus/open studio. I also dont have too much knowledge on energy modeling as I am a student. I have initially set up my model in open studio as it is easier to build plants in that software. I have then exported that model into an IDF and am working in Energy Plus as it can output more specified variables.

My first question is: Does anyone have any good resources on how to set up a ground source heat pump system in either open studio or energy plus so I can ensure I have set my system up correctly.

My second question is: The Scheduled set point manager I am using for the outlet of my ground loop is set to only one temperature. Is there a way I can set this to instead be one temperature, be the actual outlet temperature of my ground loop. I have set it to 95F and while my cooling energy usage is normal my heating operation seems to be out of control and I think it is because it is taking that 95F Set point into my heat pumps during heating operation.

Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

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An update to this:

I found how to make a dual setpoint loop exit temperature and I thought that that would change my heating consumption, however, it did not. Is there any input on why my heating consumption (KWH) would be higher than my cooling. My building is located in Omaha Nebraska but the consumption does not make sense.

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