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Does BCVTB support Energyplus Version 8.8

asked 2018-01-08 06:05:17 -0600

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updated 2018-01-08 06:07:26 -0600

Hello everyone, I want to know if the least version of BCVTB (version 1.6) support the co-simulation with Energyplus 8.8. From the manual of BCVTB 1.6, it states that the BCVTB is tested with energuplus 8.5 or lower versions and all the examples files of BCVTB use the Energyplus 8.5 or lower versions. I have tried to upgrade one of the idf file of version 8.5 in the BCVTB example to version 8.8. After the upgrade, the co-simulation does not work. I am not sure this is due to BCVTB does not support Eplus 8.8 or somethong went wrong with my seting. Can any experienced person can confirm if BCVTB works with Energyplus 8.8? I will be grateful if someone can give me comments.

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answered 2018-01-08 16:57:28 -0600

If you transition your EnergyPlus example files, then the BCVTB should work with E+ 8.8. However because of some recent changes in EnergyPlus, examples which use the erl external interface variables are not working. Were you able (prior to transitioning the files) to run the EnergyPlus example files which come along with the BCVTB with E+ 8.5?

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Thanks a lot, Thierry. The problem i had has been solved. After the version transition, it didnot work at the first run. Then i changed the command line by replacing the energyplys with C:\EnergyPlusV8-8-0\energyplys.exe, it started working. All the example files after the transitions work except the examples with external interface:variable, which you have mentioned in the BCVTB google group.

Dr. Fan's avatar Dr. Fan  ( 2018-01-08 17:27:54 -0600 )edit

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