Where to see ventilaion/fresh air load in eQUEST detailed report? [closed]

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I am confused in the detailed report of eQUEST. Actually I want to know the ventilation load but I don't think there is any separate report which contain the ventilation load. Generally It is recommended that subtract the Building load (LS-C) from Building HVAC load (SS-D) and you can have approximately fresh air load because system and other losses are low. But I don't think it is right and So I made to Model with and without the fresh air. I am going to give you some some number from my two model. (Single Zone with Standard VAV without heating)

With Fresh Air (load in kbtu/hr) LS-C Report Load is 235 (sensible = 214 and latent =21) SS-D Report load is 398 which is total building HVAC load. So as per the general practice ventilation load is 163 (398-235) which I think is higher number but anyways, lets accept it for time being.

But When I see my SV-A report the system capacity is 337 with 9385 CFM. The CFM is correct as I did the calculation considering building sensible load 214 but I don't know how eQUEST calculated the system capacity 337while my total building HVAC load is 398. And because of this I am having 361 Unmet hours. Then I went to Plant report and I found

PV-A report saying 341 loop capacity which I understand is calculated based on the system capacity (337) and chiller sizing is 349. But when I see PS-C report my chiller peak is 403 so i don't understand how chiller can operated beyond its capacity.

Now lets analyze the other model without fresh air LS-C report (235) is same which is correct but in SS-D report the building HVAC load is 282 so here is the confusion: If there is no fresh air why building HVAC load is not equal to LS-C load if losses can be neglected ( as I used zero losses as much as possible. And In SV-A system capacity is 291.7 though calculated CFM in this case is again correct and same 9385 CFM. But again why the different number in LS-C, SS-D, SV-A?

I know its a very big query but all I need is the understand the eQUEST calculation.

Thank you

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