geomeppy does not accept idf file [closed]

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i was trying to modify idf file with eppy but the code does not accept.

# import eppy to run energyplus
import geomeppy
from geomeppy import IDF
from eppy.results import readhtml 
import random as rd
import pprint

#import idd / idf / epw file to run simulation
#idfname =  "C:/Users/orcun/Desktop/eppy/energy_model_for_eppy/EnergyPlus/energy_model_for_eppy.idf"
idfname =  "C:/EnergyPlusV8-8-0/ExampleFiles/AdvancedOutput/ExerciseOutput1.idf"
epwfile = "C:/Users/orcun/Desktop/eppy/TUR_Izmir_Izmir_TurTMY.epw"
idf = IDF(idfname, epwfile)

and i am taking this error meassage

TypeError: missingkeys_nonstandard() takes at least 4 arguments (3 given)
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@orcunkoral, what version of eppy are you using? In the version of eppy I am using (0.5.41) missingkeys_nonstandard has only three arguments but on Github it has four so I do not get the same error. Perhaps there's an issue in the newer versions of eppy? It might be worth posting an issue on Github.

Jeremy's avatar Jeremy  ( 2017-12-05 13:03:31 -0500 )edit

I am using (0.5.45) and you could be right. I will try with (0.5.41) Probably i should post on Github. Thanks for answering.

orcunkoral's avatar orcunkoral  ( 2017-12-05 13:42:26 -0500 )edit

An issue is ongoing on GitHub here, so I'll close this question here.

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2017-12-06 03:40:17 -0500 )edit