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Hi I am new in energy plus design builder. I just modeled a block and found 2 error when I exported and simulated

asked 2017-12-02 22:55:07 -0500

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updated 2017-12-05 15:16:36 -0500

Program Version,EnergyPlus, Version 8.8.0-7c3bbe4830, YMD=2017.12.02 20:49,IDD_Version 8.8.0 * Severe * IP: IDF line~102 Did not find "ProgramControl" in list of Objects *** IDF Context for following error/warning message: *** Note -- lines truncated at 300 characters, if necessary... *** 1051 ZoneHVAC:IdealLoadsAirSystem, Block1:Zone1 Ideal Loads Air, !- Ideal Loads Air Name *** Only last 8 lines before error line shown..... *** 1052 , !- Availability Schedule Name *** 1053 Node Block1:Zone1 In, !- Zone Supply Air Node Name *** 1054 , !- Zone Exhaust Air Node Name *** 1055 35, !- Maximum Heating Supply Air Temperature {C} *** 1056 12, !- Minimum Cooling Supply Air Temperature {C} *** 1057 0.0156, !- Maximum Heating Supply Air Humidity Ratio {kg-H2O/kg-air} *** 1058 0.0077, !- Minimum Cooling Supply Air Humidity Ratio {kg-H2O/kg-air} *** 1059 LimitCapacity, !- Heating Limit * Severe * IP: IDF line~1059 Invalid Number in Numeric Field#4 (Minimum Cooling Supply Air Humidity Ratio), value=LIMITCAPACITY, in ZONEHVAC:IDEALLOADSAIRSYSTEM=BLOCK1:ZONE1 IDEAL LOADS AIR * Warning * IP: Note -- Some missing fields have been filled with defaults. See the audit output file for details. * ~~~ * Version in IDF="" not the same as expected="8.8" * ~~~ * Possible Invalid Numerics or other problems * Fatal * IP: Errors occurred on processing IDF file. Preceding condition(s) cause termination. ...Summary of Errors that led to program termination: ..... Reference severe error count=2![enter code here

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answered 2017-12-03 02:15:55 -0500

Without checking the model I would have two guesses:

1) Either you have set the cooling limit to limitCapacity, but you have not entered the capacity limit in watts. If your goal is to use the Ideal loads air system to get space loads, you can have a look at this presentation to see the fields that needs to be modified or left set to default values:

2) Or you get this error because you are running an EnergyPlus model from v8.5 with EP-Launch v8.8. In this case you need to use version updater in EP-Launch utilities to convert the model to version 8.8.

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