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The solar Collector performance data listed in SolarCollector.idf dataset do not appear to match data provided in the SCRR directory. For example, the following performance data does not match this attached datasheet for the panel.

C:\fakepath\ACR 10-01.png

ACR Solar International 10-01,  !- Name
0.9325,                  !- Gross Area {m2}
Water,                   !- Test Fluid
0.0000316,               !- Test Flow Rate {m3/s}
Inlet,                   !- Test Correlation Type
0.603,                   !- Coefficient 1 of Efficiency Equation {dimensionless}
-3.8665,                 !- Coefficient 2 of Efficiency Equation {W/m2-K}
0.0015,                  !- Coefficient 3 of Efficiency Equation {W/m2-K2}
-0.1944,                 !- Coefficient 2 of Incident Angle Modifier
-0.0186;                 !- Coefficient 3 of Incident Angle Modifier

Moreover the incident angle modifier data appear to be presented as datatapoints in the SRCC database certificate. My initial attempts to obtain the coordinates as per the model provided in the energyplus Engineering reference did not yield similar results. I obtained the datasheet from this website.

Is there a different source for this information. I am interested in using a panel currently not listed in the solar collector dataset for the simulation.

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