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I'm trying to model a Swimming pool using Openstudio 2.3. I made 5 thermal zones:

  1. entrance with 20°C setpoint;
  2. thermal zone for locker rooms with 25°C setpoint;
  3. swimming pool thermal zone (excluding pool, I've added loads to simulate it).

This building really exist and it has 3 AHU:

  • 1 for entrance;
  • 1 for swimming pool thermal zone (25°C)
  • 1 which serves all 2 locker rooms.

All heating coils are served by a unique hot water loop with 2 Water storages, heated by a tankless boiler, this 2 water storage also provide heating to 2 heat exchangers for pools (28°C, and 34°C water temp) and service hot water storage. I put 0W in water heaters in order to make they only water storages. When I run simulation all setpoints seems to be ignored! I tried to make another model with one hot water loop for each AHU and it works well. I am new to open studio and I search here and documentation, what I do wrong? I use Setpoint manager scheduled. Who know I have to do to fix this problem? I also modeled pools as thermal storage in order to determine energy consumption, is this the correct way? Last question, in images show below, is the correct way to put an heat exchanger air to air in order to recover energy?

Screenshot uploaded here (6 images in total)

Ps. Pool has openable roof, I'm modeling only for winter period.

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Update 22-11-2017:

  • Used Setpointmanager Single Zone Heating
  • Used Setpointmanager Multizone average Temp
  • Use only Hotwater boiler to simulate, if I use Water heater report consumption for service water use

Hope to be useful, next update if I solve other issues

Cavo21's avatar Cavo21  ( 2017-11-22 10:37:24 -0500 )edit