Air Source Heat Pump Inputs

asked 2017-11-13 15:24:26 -0500

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Hi there,

I have an air to water heat pump used in the heating plant. In EnergyPlus, I need to input the rated heating capacity and COP under rated evaporator inlet air temperature. From the shop drawing (attached figure 1 & 2), according to the design parameters, the heating capacity and COP are 175.7MBH and 2.2 respectively (before applying the adjustment factor), and 20°F (-6.67°C) should be selected as the evaporator inlet air temperature from my point of view(which is also the winter ambient air temperature). However, EnergyPlus requires the input of rated evaporator inlet air temp greater than 41F (5°C).

I'm thinking if I misunderstood the "Entering Source Air Temperature" in the heating performance table, or maybe the heating design parameters on the shop drawing are not in rated condition. I have struggled for a long time but still feel confused about how to input these parameters in EnergyPlus. image description image description

Thank you very much in advance for your great help.

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