node temperature in AHU Unit

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Hello! I made a AHU Unit(attached picture) consisting of Cooling Coil, Heating Coil, humidifier and supplyfan. I checked every node temperature, and every zone mean air temperature is around 20-30C. However strangely AirLoopHVAC [Supply Side Inlet Node] temperature is 60C. As you see the SVG, there are no equipments that could make air node temperature higher after air going through the zone and returning to the AHU. Also, I wanted to check [Demand Side Inlet Node], but it didn't work. (I input [outputVariable], but [Variables] excel file didn't contain that.) I guessed it was because of the node connection error, but Error Massage said there were no node connection errors. I think there might be an node connection or setpoint manager error in this idf file, but I didn't find any clue. Do you have any idea what causes this strange node temperature problem? Please help!!!

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have you checked the flowrate at each node? Sometimes when there is zero flow, the temperatures don't align.

kwalkerman's avatar kwalkerman  ( 2017-11-07 08:51:35 -0500 )edit