Surface disappeared after intersection

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updated 2017-10-30 04:55:47 -0500

Other than the previous issue about intersection, there are also representative error after intersection.
As shown below image, Top and bottom part of some space has disappeared. Understood that there are some problem in those geometry. However, it would be great to narrow down the reason why I get this error with more specific reason.
image description

When I looked at Advanced Output, it seems there are error.

Standard Output:

Standard Error:
C:/Users/katsuya.obara/BCL/2def6daf-99c1-475d-b6b4-44f292e7e1ab/0270744f-ecf2-4bba-a27d-6d3fef78ad61/measure.rb:65: [BUG] Segmentation fault 
ruby 2.2.4p230 (2015-12-16) [x64-mswin64_120] 

-- Control frame information ----------------------------------------------- 
c:0019 p:---- s:0143 e:000142 CFUNC :intersectSurfaces 
c:0018 p:0136 s:0139 e:000138 METHOD C:/Users/katsuya.obara/BCL/2def6daf-99c1-475d-b6b4-44f292e7e1ab/0270744f-ecf2-4bba-a27d-6d3fef78ad61/measure.rb:65 
c:0017 p:0952 s:0128 e:000127 METHOD :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:437 
c:0016 p:0294 s:0090 e:000089 BLOCK :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:67 [FINISH] 
c:0015 p:---- s:0081 e:000080 CFUNC :each_index 
c:0014 p:0102 s:0078 e:000077 METHOD :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:31 
c:0013 p:0184 s:0068 E:001200 METHOD :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/jobs/run_os_measures.rb:50 
c:0012 p:0080 s:0063 e:000062 METHOD :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:256 
c:0011 p:0051 s:0056 e:000055 METHOD :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:210 
c:0010 p:0729 s:0051 E:0004b8 METHOD :/openstudio_cli.rb:802 
c:0009 p:0255 s:0039 e:000038 METHOD :/openstudio_cli.rb:620 
c:0008 p:0400 s:0033 E:000eb8 EVAL :/openstudio_cli.rb:1515 [FINISH] 
c:0007 p:---- s:0030 e:000029 CFUNC :eval 
c:0006 p:0057 s:0024 e:000023 METHOD eval:85 
c:0005 p:0068 s:0018 e:000017 BLOCK eval:70 [FINISH] 
c:0004 p:---- s:0014 e:000013 CFUNC :each 
c:0003 p:0143 s:0011 e:000010 METHOD eval:64 
c:0002 p:0009 s:0005 e:000004 EVAL eval:2 [FINISH] 
c:0001 p:0000 s:0002 E:0021f0 TOP [FINISH] 

-- Ruby level backtrace information ---------------------------------------- 
eval:2:in `' 
eval:64:in `require' 
eval:64:in `each' 
eval:70:in `block in require' 
eval:85:in `require_embedded_absolute' 
eval:85:in `eval' 
:/openstudio_cli.rb:1515:in `' 
:/openstudio_cli.rb:620:in `execute' 
:/openstudio_cli.rb:802:in `execute' 
:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:210:in `run' 
:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:256:in `step' 
:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/jobs/run_os_measures.rb:50:in `perform' 
:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2.1/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:31:in `apply_measures' 
:/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.2 ...
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Please go to a pre-intersected version of your model and then run the Surface Matching Measure using Apply Measures now in the OpenStudio application. It has a check box to enable intersection prior to surface matching. it uses a different approach to intersection than the SketchUp plugin.

David Goldwasser's avatar David Goldwasser  ( 2017-10-28 12:54:39 -0500 )edit

I tried what you described for other geometry. However, the result seems they don't intersect. I asked this issue in different topic
Do you have any idea what is problem?

katsuya.obara's avatar katsuya.obara  ( 2017-10-29 20:32:12 -0500 )edit

When I looked at Advanced Output, it seems that there is error. (The error is added to the question) However, I can't find appropriate information what is causing this problem. Do you have any idea?

katsuya.obara's avatar katsuya.obara  ( 2017-10-30 04:54:20 -0500 )edit