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openstudio server simulations 0/0 failing to load when measure set to FALSE

asked 2017-10-13 14:42:02 -0600

antonszilasi gravatar image

updated 2017-10-13 14:55:14 -0600

@rhorsely, @bball @nllong

I have two openstudio spreadsheets which I have posted on google drive here:

144 osms accompany each spreadsheet which I can attach if need be. The spreadsheet testpackage6.xlsx works perfectly fine however when I set the ReplaceExteriorWindowConstruction measure to FALSE as seen in the spreadsheet replacemodeltest and attempt to run this spreadsheet I get the following strange behaviour in OpenStudio server.

image description

No simulations appear and the log displays the following:

image description

Please note that I have deployed an old version of the OpenStudio server as the latest version that I tried to deploy would not work (about a month ago)

The version of OpenStudio server that I am using was forked at commit 45976cdf88c7575260af63a770090164e7b5a2dd.

What I am doing wrong in the spreadsheet?

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated.

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-10-13 19:09:36 -0600

updated 2017-10-14 19:54:54 -0600

antonszilasi gravatar image

The DOE algorithm needs more than 1 variable to work. From your screenshot looks like you only have 1.

The 2.0 PAT GUI has some functionality in it to catch these type of issues. If you can, I suggest migrating to that platform instead of the spreadsheet. Going forward, the spreadsheet is now officially deprecated in favor of the PAT GUI.

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@BrianLBall thank you for your reply, it seems that in order to do what I want - which is simply to run the replace model measure I just need to turn on two variable measures and ensure that I give them two discrete value otherwise the spreadsheet will not run.

antonszilasi gravatar image antonszilasi  ( 2017-10-14 19:54:43 -0600 )edit

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