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[BCVTB - E+] Steps to change timestep value (hourly reporting frequency)?

asked 2017-10-13 02:25:51 -0600

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updated 2017-10-23 06:13:42 -0600

I am using Output:Variable (report output variables from E+ to external interface) and ExternalInterface:Schedule (getting schedule data from external interface)

I have tried editing the .idf file variable but I get this error. What else should I change in order to change the timestep of data exchange?

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answered 2017-10-17 11:35:32 -0600

When you use the Output:Variable, set the time step to 'timestep', e.g., Output:Variable,*,Zone Mean Air Temperature,timestep;

Make sure the EnergyPlus and the Ptolemy are using the same time step, e.g., 600s per time step: In EnergyPlus, Timestep,6; In Ptolemy, SDF Diector, set period = 600 (or refer to a parameter), and set the iterations = number of total time steps.

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Thank you so much!

cs_bot's avatar cs_bot  ( 2017-10-23 06:37:33 -0600 )edit

hi, i am also facing the same error. I have change my time step to 6 in my idf file and also change the timestep for the spf director to 600. I am linking energyplus with matlab simulink through bcvtb

davis's avatar davis  ( 2020-10-19 07:32:29 -0600 )edit

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