Schedule Missing Days error due to Radiance

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I'm a tutor in a course of nearly 40 students who are using OpenStudio and Radiance for energy and daylight modelling. We have had two students so far have an error that says:

ProcessScheduleInput: Schedule:Compact="T1 - TZ LIGHTS SCHEDULE" has missing days in its schedule pointers.

When looking at the in.idf files, the lighting schedule that Radiance is passing back to OpenStudio has stopped at a date early in the year instead of running for the entire year (1/24, 1/25, 3/07,4/10 are all dates that it has stopped at).

Having been given one of the models from the student (one pre-Radiance, and one with a Radiance attempt), I have made numerous changes to check what was going on, as well as comparing the model with one of my own that does have Radiance working (where I cannot see any differences in any parameters that would possibly affect it).

  • If I take the base working model and apply Radiance, it throws the same error.
  • If I delete out all the zones except the zone with Radiance in it, it runs.
  • If I change the constructions of the walls, it also runs.
  • If I delete out all the floors except the floor that the Radiance zone is in (not changing constructions), it also works.
  • If I keep everything the same and simply re-surface match the floors that the student already has, it fails again.
  • Copying the floor that works and surface matching it worked on Friday, but when I ran it again on Monday it failed again with the same error.

I cannot see where there is a common issue in this, or what each solution does that makes it work again. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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