Why does Openstudio say there is nothing in Drive E:?

asked 2017-10-07 08:50:22 -0500

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updated 2017-10-07 09:26:20 -0500

I don't even have an E drive. It did this on Openstudio 2.2 and now OS 2.3 is doing the same thing. Is this something that it is really looking for that will cause issues later?

What drive E:?

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I have the same problem with the OpenStudio 2.3 on my PC desktop with window 10. It doesn't save any information on OSM files in Sketch Up, no geometry shown when opened in OpenStudio Application. what is the problem?

maryam136's avatar maryam136  ( 2017-10-25 11:24:06 -0500 )edit