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Modeling Air to water heat pump with fan coil unit

asked 2017-10-04 03:07:43 -0500

dana gravatar image

Hi, I started to learn how to model the energy plus with design builder. What I am trying to do now is, to model the air to water heat pump system with the fan coil unit. Is it possible to make a model with energy plus and do you guys have any tips for the fast modeling?

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-10-26 11:35:05 -0500

There is not currently a central plant air-to-water heat pump in EnergyPlus. Use an air-cooled chiller to supply the chilled water loop and a heat pump water-heater to supply the hot water loop. Use availability managers on the plant loops to prevent them from both operating at the same time.

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Asked: 2017-10-04 03:07:43 -0500

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