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fluid type in EnergyPlus

asked 2017-10-04 02:19:42 -0600

khr5849 gravatar image

updated 2018-04-08 09:01:51 -0600

Hi! I want to make a plant loop consisting of WaterHeater:Mixed and Boiler:Steam.

At PlantLoop class list, I entered 'Steam' at fluid type and then an error occurred.

Error message said,

** Severe  ** Existing Fluid type for node, incorrect for request. Node=STEAM BOILER PLANT STEAM SUPPLY OUTLET NODE
   **   ~~~   ** Existing Fluid type=Steam, Requested Fluid Type=Water

So I I entered 'Water' at fluid type and then an error occurred because of the similar reason. (fluid type is incorrect at WaterHeater:Mixed connected nodes.)

I think I need to make fluid type which is water below 100 degree Celsius, and turn into steam above 100 degree Celcius at Group FluidProperties.

Am I right? I've tried copy lists from FluidPropertiesRefData.idf but it didn't work. Help me if anybody knows how to solve this problem!!

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-10-12 05:23:38 -0600

Chandan Sharma gravatar image

WaterHeater:Mixed and Boiler:Steam can not be on the same plant loop. Use and Source side nodes of WaterHeater:Mixed can only be connected to water loops. If user defined fluid type and associated fluid properties are specified in the plant loop, then also it won't let steam boiler to be on the same loop. The only work around can think of is leaving source side inlet and outlet nodes as blank and selecting Steam as heater fuel type. This will give steam end use in the summary.

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