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heating load in energyplus

asked 2017-09-03 16:50:42 -0500

tianyang gravatar image

updated 2017-09-04 10:05:23 -0500

I'm new in HVAC system, and when I set an ideal HVAC system in energyplus, the output only shows the Zone Air System Sensible Cooling Rate, all the Sensible Heating Rate are zero, if I want to know the heating rate, what should I do ?

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1 Answer

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answered 2017-09-16 21:29:06 -0500

You will have to troubleshoot this a little more to find out what is happening. Try adding these report variables and plotting the results to understand the results.

Output:Variable,*,Zone Thermostat Air Temperature,hourly;
Output:Variable,*,Zone Thermostat Heating Setpoint Temperature,hourly;
Output:Variable,*,Zone Thermostat Cooling Setpoint Temperature,hourly;
Output:Variable,*,Zone Predicted Sensible Load to Heating Setpoint Heat Transfer Rate,hourly;
Output:Variable,*,Zone Predicted Sensible Load to Cooling Setpoint Heat Transfer Rate,hourly;

If you are simulating zone sizing then the eio file will show you the design heating loads. You will also need winter and summer SizingPeriod:DesignDay objects to complete zone sizing.

  Yes,                     !- Do Zone Sizing Calculation
  No,                      !- Do System Sizing Calculation
  No,                      !- Do Plant Sizing Calculation
  Yes,                     !- Run Simulation for Sizing Periods
  No;                      !- Run Simulation for Weather File Run Periods
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