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Modeling glazing system with betweenglassblind shading control

asked 2017-08-28 07:23:04 -0500

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updated 2017-08-30 06:31:49 -0500

Dear EP-Users,

I am trying to model a glazing system including BetweenGlassBlind shading. The modeling will be done using DesignBuilder, if possible.

The following Image shows the glazing system I am trying to model.

image description

My question is how to model the blinds between the outermost and the second layer of glass, as the I/O-reference for the WindowProperty:ShadingControl object states that "For triple-glazing the blind must be between the two inner glass layers."

Is it possible to model the inner part of the window - ESG-h 6mm / gap / 2x Float 6mm - as one layer of glazing? The blind would then be between the two inner glass layers according to the I/O-reference.

Thanks for your help in advance!

BR, Florian

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-02-28 01:57:25 -0500

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updated 2018-02-28 01:58:47 -0500

You could approach this using the Construction:ComplexFenestrationState object. The workflow would be the following:

  • model two window states using LBNL's WINDOW (one with the shade fully up the other with the shade fully down) and export them as BSDF IDFs

  • Create an EMS script to control when each fenestration state is activated, see the comment from the input output reference below

I doubt whether this workflow would work using designbuilder. But I think you could edit the idf that you create using design builder.

If there is more than one complex fenestration state, it will be controlled using the EMS actuator called “Surface” with the control type “Construction State” and the EMS input object called EnergyManagementSystem:ConstructionIndexVariable.

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