How to evaluate the parameters for "add wind and stack open area" measure

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I'm using openstudio 1.11.1 and E+ 8-5-0.

My building is a single story building its height from the floor is 10 ft located in CZ1 according to ASHRE and it has a courtyard in the center with many windows of different dimensions opened to the courtyard and the external side as shown in the attached figure.

The windows at the exterior wall from courtyard side have the same height of 3.5 ft and different widths of (4 and 6 ft), whereas, the external side windows (away from courtyard) have the same height of 5 ft with different widths of (2,4 and 6 ft)

I want to make all these windows as operable widows by using the "add wind and stack open area" measure. However, I still have misunderstanding to determine the value of open area and the average window height. Please guide me to evaluate these two parameters in a simple way.

C:\fakepath\Screenshot (17).png

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