How to Model a Simple Cooling Panel in OpenStudio

asked 2017-07-20 18:28:09 -0600

updated 2017-07-20 21:05:23 -0600

I have successfully added a ZoneHVAC:Baseboard:Convective:Water and had success with heating. Next, I would like to add the ZoneHVAC:CoolingPanel:RadiantConvective:Water component to a thermal zone so that I can use a cold water source to offset cooling loads for the space. I am attempting to use this component as a simplified chilled beam or radiant cooling floor.

However, I have been unable to find the ZoneHVAC:CoolingPanel:RadiantConvective:Water component in OpenStudio. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to add this component?

Are there alternative methods I could use to supply cooling to a space when I have a cold water loop? I am using a PlantComponent:TemperatureSource to add a cool water source to OpenStudio from an external source. Could a chilled beam system work with low grade cool water?

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