E+ Battery KiBaM charging and discharging voltage curves

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I am modelling a battery system on Eneryplus, and took the object from the example file. So far, what I could notice is that the battery from the example is a battery of 107,6 kWh. By this means, calculated as (number of modules in parallel X number of battery modules in series X maximum module capacity X voltage in open circuit).

I am indeed trying to simulate a battery with 7kwh, and have the input data with the system characteristics, just not the voltage change curve for charging and discharging. I could find on the manufacturer's website some graphs with charging and discharging profiles, but is not in the format required by EnergyPlus. How could I estimate these input values, or take it from the graphs?

image description

Another issue is that, when I change the parameters but keep the curves from example, I got the following error "Battery discharge current could not be estimated".

I would appreciate very much some insights to this problems!

Thank you in advance.

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