which coil size figures to report to my coil supplier?

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I am trying to figure out which of the many variables reported by EnergyPlus/OpenStudio to use to size the chilled water cooling coils. Basically, what m3/s and what W number do I report to my coil supplier, so I get the right-sized coil? In the process, I looked closely at the Component Sizing Summary/Coil:Cooling:Water report in the EnergyPlus output.

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There I see a "Design Size Design Coil Load [W]", a "Design Size Design Water Flow Rate [m3/s]" and a "Design Size Design Air Flow Rate [m3/s]" entry.I am tempted to use these figures for the above purpose, even though I would rather also have that design coil load split up between sensible and latent load.

One thing that struck me odd is the note "User-Specified values were used. Design Size values were used if no User-Specified values were provided." at the bottom of the above table. Well, after running some CoolProp numbers on this, it is my opinion that the "Design Size Design Coil Load [W]" figure was made using the "Design Size" temperatures and humidity ratios, even though I clearly provide "User-Specified" temperatures and humidity ratios?

The "Design Size Design Coil Load [W]" figures are then also found in the Equipment Summary/Central Plant & Cooling Coils tables, whereby the latter add up to the former (more or less). So, this is another indication for me that I might want to use these figures for my stated purpose?

I'd appreciate any confirmation or clarification. Thank you.

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