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Adding field to Fan coil unit inputs

asked 2017-07-03 13:47:44 -0500

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updated 2017-07-04 02:59:45 -0500

I am using v1.14 and trying to model a Fan coil unit with fan operating on a schedule- unfortunately, the osm file does done have supply air fan operating mode field that makes it relevant to operate the unit at that schedule and cycle it per demand at other hours. It is only operating as either run as constant(24X7) or cycling it on demand(OA cycles as well!!!!). How can I get this to work? The following text is from energy plus i had edited to make it work. I prefer to stay in the open studio platform inorder to run parametrics using PAT. Please help!!!!

  Zone HVAC Four Pipe Fan Coil 64, !- Name
  Res Common area(OA), !- Availability Schedule Name
  ConstantFanVariableFlow, !- Capacity Control Method
  Autosize, !- Maximum Supply Air Flow Rate {m3/s}
  1, !- Low Speed Supply Air Flow Ratio
  1, !- Medium Speed Supply Air Flow Ratio
  Autosize, !- Maximum Outdoor Air Flow Rate {m3/s}
  Res Common area(OA), !- Outdoor Air Schedule Name
  Node 571, !- Air Inlet Node Name
  Node 572, !- Air Outlet Node Name
  OutdoorAir:Mixer, !- Outdoor Air Mixer Object Type
  Zone HVAC Four Pipe Fan Coil 64 OA Mixer, !- Outdoor Air Mixer Name
  Fan:OnOff, !- Supply Air Fan Object Type
  Fan On Off 64, !- Supply Air Fan Name
  Coil:Cooling:Water, !- Cooling Coil Object Type
  Coil Cooling Water 64, !- Cooling Coil Name
  Autosize, !- Maximum Cold Water Flow Rate {m3/s}
  , !- Minimum Cold Water Flow Rate {m3/s}
  , !- Cooling Convergence Tolerance
  Coil:Heating:Water, !- Heating Coil Object Type
  Coil Heating Water 64, !- Heating Coil Name
  Autosize, !- Maximum Hot Water Flow Rate {m3/s}
  , !- Minimum Hot Water Flow Rate {m3/s}
  , !- Heating Convergence Tolerance
  , !- Availability Manager List Name
  , !- Design Specification ZoneHVAC Sizing Object Name
  Res Common area(OA); !- Supply Air Fan Operating Mode Schedule Name
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1 Answer

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answered 2017-07-04 02:59:25 -0500

The Supply Fan Operating Mode Schedule was added 20 days ago (Mid June) in this commit and is therefore only avaiable in OpenStudio 2.1.2 right now.

You could write an EnergyPlus measure to change the supply air fan operating mode schedule. See the Measure Writing Guide

Something along the lines of:

# Assuming you have created a ScheduleRuleset in OpenStudio model called "Res Common area(OA)"
sch = workspace.getObjectByTypeAndName("Schedule:Year".to_IddObjectType,"Res Common area(OA)").get
fcs = workspace.getObjectsByType("ZoneHVAC:FourPipeFanCoil".to_IddObjectType)
fcs.each do |fc|
  fc.setPointer(26, sch.handle)
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