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Problem with heat pump Type 505 cooling and heating performance data

asked 2017-07-01 07:09:16 -0500

reza gravatar image

updated 2017-07-03 02:53:47 -0500

As mentioned in the Catalog in attachment, I have specification data of my heat pump.

I have total flow rate of 944 l/s (but I don't have return and outside air flow rates separately how can I find them?), and liquid flow rate 0.354 l/s and DHW flow rate 0.14 l/s (one fewer than mentioned in sample catalog data) , but in catalog I have 12 values for 4 temperature in cooling mode and 12 values for 4 temperature in heating mode.

In sample catalog data I need 24 values,how can I reach that other 12 values in both heating and cooling mode in that catalog data?

Please help me with this problem

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answered 2017-07-03 17:03:27 -0500

Tim McDowell gravatar image

The return and outside air flow rates are a function of your system design and not the heat pump. A single-speed heat pump will always supply the same amount of air flow. The air entering the heat pump, before it is conditioned, is some combination of return air from the conditioned space and outside air. Your system design and control system will determine the fraction of the flow that is return and the fraction that is outside air.

The sample data files are just that - samples of the format for the data file. The actual number of dependent values that you need to have in your data file is based on the number of independent values that your are proving data for. Then the parameters for your component will need to match the number of independent values in your file. You must follow the format of the sample data file, but not the exact number of data points.

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