how to create heating and cooling performance data on TRNSYS?

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updated 2017-07-20 12:54:46 -0600

Hi guys

I want to create heating and cooling performance data for my geothermal heat pump model (Atlas AT 060).

I using TRNSYS 16 and TESS V2 with Type 505b geothermal heat pump.

I can't find Values of Airflow and Values of Liquid Flow Rate on below catalog.

It should be like:

283.14 330.33 !Values of Airflow in liters per second (l/s)

0.19 0.28 0.38 !Values of Liquid Flow Rate in liters per second (l/s)

10.00 21.11 32.22 43.33 !Values of Entering Liquid Temperature (degrees C)

7.12 5.13 1.05 !Total Cooling(kW) Sensible Cooling(kW) and Power(kW) at 283.14/0.19/10

And so on (this is for cooling performance).

Can you help me with data from catalog.


The catalog Address:

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