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Hi everyone,

I'm really struggling to get this measure to work. Hopefully once I get this to run we can post it as an example for others to use.

Here is the link to a zip with the spreadsheet, OSMs, the measure itself I'm using, and a download_results_file.txt from the OS server if helpful.

I want the measure to run 3 options for OSMs...ReplaceModelTest1.osm, ReplaceModelTest2.osm, and ReplaceModelTest3.osm. I have put all 3 OSMs in the resources directory on the server, so my inputs to Setup tab should be correct. I also put a copy of ReplaceModelTest1.osm in the seed directory, as I reference that as my base seed model in the Setup Tab.

In the variables tab, I put alternativeModelPath to a variable from an argument. I put one directory path string in the default column, then put the paths of the 3 OSMs I want to run in the discrete values tab. Syntax seems correct, OS server liked single quotation rather than double around OSM file paths for some reason.

When I push it to OS server, it successfully pushes, meaning my syntax for the variable should be correct. The correct number of simulations are launched, but it always has a data point failure...

[18:10:36.271005 DEBUG] Calling for 'replace_open_studio_model' [18:10:36.271196 INFO] Initial model. [18:10:36.273960 ERROR] Could not load alternative model from '../../../lib/osm_models/ReplaceModelTest1.osm'. [18:10:36.273988 DEBUG] Finished for 'replace_open_studio_model'

Basically it seems that my OSM files in the resources directory are not making their way to the correct place on the server and cannot be found. The path in the discrete values column follow the convention in the spreadsheet user guide...i.e. the server "lib" directory is 3 levels from run directory, and my OSM files should be there. Suggestions?

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We have three replace model posts, I'm going to close this one, and continue to comment in this one

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