Energy Plus modelling HVAC without dehumidification

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Hi all! I'm trying to model a very simple air conditioning device in EnergyPlus, I don't have anything specific about the system yet, apart the fact that it is just a cooling device. I use: HVACTemplate:Zone:IdealLoadsAirSystem the cooling works just fine but when I look at the relative humidity it looks like the humidity stays constantly at 45%. The climate is very hot and humid, therefore if the air is just cooled the relative humidity should rise, right? I put the Dehumidification Control Type to 'None' So I am wondering why the relative humidity is so low. Perhaps I overlooked something. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks for your help!!!

Here are my settings:

HVACTemplate:Zone:IdealLoadsAirSystem, Thermal Zone 1 !- Zone Name thermostat, !- Template Thermostat Name Assembly HVAC, !- System Availability Schedule Name 50, !- Maximum Heating Supply Air Temperature {C} 13, !- Minimum Cooling Supply Air Temperature {C} 0.02, !- Maximum Heating Supply Air Humidity Ratio {kgWater/kgDryAir} 0.0077, !- Minimum Cooling Supply Air Humidity Ratio {kgWater/kgDryAir} NoLimit, !- Heating Limit 0, !- Maximum Heating Air Flow Rate {m3/s} 0, !- Maximum Sensible Heating Capacity {W} NoLimit, !- Cooling Limit , !- Maximum Cooling Air Flow Rate {m3/s} 0, !- Maximum Total Cooling Capacity {W} Assembly HVAC, !- Heating Availability Schedule Name Assembly HVAC, !- Cooling Availability Schedule Name None, !- Dehumidification Control Type 0.7, !- Cooling Sensible Heat Ratio {dimensionless} 60, !- Dehumidification Setpoint {percent} None, !- Humidification Control Type 30, !- Humidification Setpoint {percent} None, !- Outdoor Air Method 0.00944, !- Outdoor Air Flow Rate per Person {m3/s} , !- Outdoor Air Flow Rate per Zone Floor Area {m3/s-m2} , !- Outdoor Air Flow Rate per Zone {m3/s} , !- Design Specification Outdoor Air Object Name None, !- Demand Controlled Ventilation Type NoEconomizer, !- Outdoor Air Economizer Type None, !- Heat Recovery Type 0.7, !- Sensible Heat Recovery Effectiveness {dimensionless} 0.65; !- Latent Heat Recovery Effectiveness {dimensionless} relative humidity temperature

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