what files to I need to run the OpenStudio-analysis-spreadsheet?

asked 2017-05-16 16:16:33 -0600

Chienman gravatar image

Hi there-

I've been having fun bootstrapping the analysis spreadsheet for some projects of mine. For the most part, I just launch it using the $ bundle command, followed by $ bundle exec rake run_custom[ip_foo, etc].

Caveat: I have not experimented with this much, but thought I would throw this out there. I will respond as I learn more.

My question is, how much of the project is required to run these commands? Is it sufficient to just have the Rakefile and the Gemfile, or does the whole project filestructure and all of the code need to be there as it has been downloaded from Github?

The reason I ask is, because in some of my bootstrapping processes, I am including the entire project directory in my code, and it is a rather big dependency. For speed and memory's sake, I am curious whether I can decrease the footprint overall.

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