In an air-to-air heat pump in EnergyPlus, is it possible to recover energy not from outdoor air but from return air from the house ?

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I am currently modelling a low energy residential house, with a heating system that combines a heat exchanger and a heat pump.

For instance, it is this kind of system :

In this system, the outdoor air (new air) passes through a heat exchanger, where it exchanges heat with the return air from the house (like in classic double flow ventilation). Then the air goes to the heat pump. And I want the heat pump to recover heat not from the outside air but from the relief air from the heat exchanger (so from the return air from the house after its passing through the heat exchanger).

In EnergyPlus, I don't find any possibilities to choose from where the heat pump recovers heat. It seems to be automatically recovered from outside air. Is it possible to change it ?

I hope my explainations concerning the system are clear.

Thank your for your help !


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