GenOPT - Dymola connection

asked 2017-05-12 10:52:01 -0500

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This is very related(I guess) to the question asked in

1.I run GenOPT and Dymola to identify parameters at a minimum cost function. 2.Instead of getting input from combitable I used a record to input intial parameter values into the class containing the trasfer function. 3.The record class reads the parameters from a text file. This text file and its template are fed into GenOPT.

Dymola runs correctly(no translation or simulation errors), GenOPT varies the parameters. But the value of the cost function does not change( I checked via combitable inputs whether regression parameters can hadle the cost function,they could). It means the variations from GenOPT are not being taken into consideration by Dymola.

i checked the dsin.txt whether the table has been compiled with the initial values and no it wasnt.

Any solutions to this interesting problem?

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