PAT 2.1 and 2.1.1 Impossible to do its job, stops after appliying measures.

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updated 2017-08-20 14:56:58 -0500

I'm using PAT to perform some analisys but a Can't get it to work.

I'm following exctly all the videos on PAT 2.1 amb also I checked tha the OSM file works fine and also the measure that I'm aplliying works fine with Open studio. Also the server works fine and there are not spaces in the directori where PAT is installled, nor the seed files.

The program starts to run fine, also the server works fine, but once the measure is apllied the simulation is not executed, status --> Completed Fail.

I tested PAT2.1 and 2.1.1 and I get the same issue.

In the results page I go to view analisis and Results / data point fields and next to "sdp_log_file" I clik on Togle view and I get all this report (In BOLD Letters It says ERROR):

[13:02:29.424604 INFO] openstudio_2 = true [13:02:29.427617 INFO] openstudio_dir = C:/openstudio-2.1.1/Ruby [13:02:29.427617 INFO] Initializing directory C:/SIMULACIONS/PATTEST/temp_data/analysis_96e95b40-61f1-40a9-9279-ecea38594e1a/data_point_5990d19b-a41f-4aa5-95d3-0ca3359c3f6e/run for simulation with options {:debug=>true, :preserve_run_dir=>true, :profile=>false, :targets=>[#], :cleanup=>true, :energyplus_path=>nil, :verify_osw=>true, :weather_file=>"ESP_Barcelona.081810_SWEC.epw"} [13:02:29.427617 INFO] Starting workflow in C:/SIMULACIONS/PATTEST/temp_data/analysis_96e95b40-61f1-40a9-9279-ecea38594e1a/data_point_5990d19b-a41f-4aa5-95d3-0ca3359c3f6e/run [13:02:29.428615 INFO] Current state: 'queued' [13:02:29.428615 INFO] Next state will be: 'initialization' [13:02:31.436962 DEBUG] RunInitialization passed the following options {:verify_osw=>true, :debug=>true, :preserve_run_dir=>true, :profile=>false, :targets=>[#], :cleanup=>true, :energyplus_path=>nil, :weather_file=>"ESP_Barcelona.081810_SWEC.epw"} [13:02:31.436962 DEBUG] RunInitialization passed the following registry {:openstudio_2=>true, :osw_path=>#, :osw_dir=>#, :run_dir=>#, :log_targets=>[#], :logger=>#, @formatter=nil, @logdev=#]>, @mutex=#>>>} [13:02:31.436962 INFO] Calling perform in the RunInitialization class [13:02:31.437967 DEBUG] Registering that the workflow has started with the adapter [13:02:31.441977 DEBUG] Retrieved the workflow from the adapter [13:02:31.441977 DEBUG] osw_dir is C:/SIMULACIONS/PATTEST/temp_data/analysis_96e95b40-61f1-40a9-9279-ecea38594e1a/data_point_5990d19b-a41f-4aa5-95d3-0ca3359c3f6e [13:02:31.443982 DEBUG] Found associated OSA file [13:02:31.447993 DEBUG] The root_dir for the datapoint is C:/SIMULACIONS/PATTEST/temp_data/analysis_96e95b40-61f1-40a9-9279-ecea38594e1a/data_point_5990d19b-a41f-4aa5-95d3-0ca3359c3f6e [13:02:31.452076 DEBUG] Initialized runner [13:02:31.452076 INFO] Attempting to validate the measure workflow [13:02:31.455138 DEBUG] Validating step 0 [13:02:31.461103 DEBUG] Validated step 0 [13:02:31.461103 INFO] Validated the measure workflow [13:02:31.461103 DEBUG] Finding and loading the seed file [13:02:31.464110 INFO] Loading OSM model [13:02:31.464110 INFO] Reading in OSM model C:/SIMULACIONS/PATTEST/temp_data/analysis_96e95b40-61f1-40a9-9279-ecea38594e1a/seeds/PISA15.osm [13:02:32.146029 DEBUG] Getting the initial weather file [13:02:32.146367 DEBUG] Searching for weather file #{weather_path} [13:02:32.148611 INFO] Current state: 'initialization' [13:02:32.148611 INFO] Next state will be: 'os_measures' [13:02:34.157372 DEBUG] RunOpenStudioMeasures passed the following options {:debug=>true, :preserve_run_dir=>true, :profile=>false, :targets=>[#], :cleanup=>true, :energyplus_path=>nil, :verify_osw=>true, :weather_file=>"ESP_Barcelona.081810_SWEC.epw"} [13:02 ... (more)

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It seems like there is a non-ascii character in the name of one of your OpenStudio objects or perhaps the path to your PAT project?

shorowit's avatar shorowit  ( 2017-05-12 08:48:57 -0500 )edit

Thanks, I've tried to solve the error changing the PAT project but it didn't work.

It points to module model.rb file in line 81

This is the piece of code it seams to be failing:

def save_osm(model, save_directory, name = 'in.osm') osm_filename = File.join(save_directory.to_s, name.to_s), 'w') { |f| f << model.to_s } osm_filename end

I have no idea of Ruby, maybe there is a step by step debugger? or someone in the development team could take a look? I've been trying to solve it but its now time to give up and use PAT older version.

Artur Garcia's avatar Artur Garcia  ( 2017-05-23 08:29:59 -0500 )edit