Which zone thermostat will be referred when air side economizer is being used?

asked 2017-05-06 22:04:29 -0500

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Based on the idf file which already run successfully, I implemented air side economizer using controller:OutdoorAir. Then I got following error when Check:Sizing:Zone and ZoneControl:Thermostat input are executed.

* Severe * UpdateZoneSizing: Cooling supply air temperature (calculated) within 2C of zone temperature
check zone thermostat set point and design supply air temperatures
zone name = 1F SERVER RM 2
design sensible cooling load = 521720.55 W
thermostat set point temp = 0.000 C
zone temperature = 25.000 C
supply air temperature = 23.000 C
temperature difference = -2.00000 C
calculated volume flow rate = 213.10810 m3/s
calculated mass flow rate = 255.58473 kg/s

I already confirmed that I correctly input thermostat information checking Zone Thermostat Air Temperature from eso file.
Does anyone know why thermostat set point temp=0 deg even though I set thermostat 25 deg?
Thank you!

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