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OpenStudio 1.14 Not able to edit loaded custom schedules

asked 2017-05-05 12:00:07 -0500

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updated 2017-05-05 12:58:34 -0500

Why when I am in the Schedule primary tab, and in the Schedule Sets Folder, I can create a custom schedule set by dragging over custom schedules that I have loaded into the library to create custom default schedules, but when I click on the Schedule folders, my custom schedules disappear even I reload them into the library? What schedules do show are the default schedules under schedule rulesets in the Library folder and nothing under the My Model Folder. With this, I am unable to display or edit my custom schedules. Thank you for your response.

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answered 2017-05-05 14:13:19 -0500

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Through some further research, I found the following:

Although you can use Compact and other schedule types in your model, you can visualize and edit only Ruleset Schedules in the OpenStudio application.

Perhaps a feature to be added?

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