How is comfort zone defined in climate consultant using California Energy Code Comfort Model

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In climate consultant software, the comfort zone is defined using California Energy Code Comfort Model. I need to understand how did it define the maximum and minimum moisture values. In the program help it says about the California Energy Code Comfort Model: "It is shown on the Psychrometric chart with parallel sides defined by the Comfort Low and Comfort High Dry Bulb Temperatures.The 2013 California Residential Energy Code says that for the purpose of sizing space conditioning equipment the indoor design temperatures shall be 68°F (20°C) for heating to 75°F (23.9°C) for cooling. The Code gives no guidance for comfortable levels of humidity.
In Climate Consultant the sloped top of the Comfort Zone is defined by the highest Relative Humidity at the Comfort Low Temperature, and follows the Wet Bulb Temperature line. Using 80% relative humidity at the Comfort Low Temperature of 68°F (20°C) corresponds to 66°F (18.9°C) wet bulb which is reasonable." I can't understand the last paragraph saying the sloped top is defined by highest RH at comfort low temperature. And how did he use the 80% value?

Please help Thanks

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