irrigation schedule for green roof [closed]

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I am modeling a simple green roof model for my gemoetry. This is the procedures that I have done but I did not get a result yet. First, I did all the simulation in Openstudio. Then, I export IDF file and open it with EnergyPlus. In Energyplus I defined roofirrigation based on a schedule. Then, I save it and open o new openstudio and import the new IDF file in openstudio. But at this time, I faced with this error "file is not valid to draft strictness" . I do not know what to do now. Did anyone do irrigation with Energyplus before? I would be grateful if you can help me to run a green roof with irrigation schedule.

Thank you so much.

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Please update your original question instead of making a new one.

Maybe describe how you added roof irrigation in the Exported IDF file. As a note though, if you are exporting to an IDF because you want to add something OpenStudio doesn't support, re-importing the edited IDF back into OpenStudio won't keep the new object. You would either export and run outside of OpenStudio or use an EnergyPlus measure to generate extra IDF objets at runtime.

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