OpenStudio for Florida Building Code Compliance

asked 2017-04-18 15:36:03 -0600

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updated 2017-04-20 08:42:54 -0600

Anyone used OpenStudio for Florida Building Code Compliance before? Florida seems to have some pretty aggressive requirements for software review (way more than just ASHRAE 140 compliant) and I'm wondering if anyone has been down this road before. Specifically, I'm looking to see if anyone has the "commercial code compliance software approval" documentation that the Florida Building Commission issues to approved programs.



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I realize that this post is a bit dated, but I was wondering if there is any recent clarity on whether OpenStudio and/or EnergyPlus are approved in Florida?

jt1234's avatar jt1234  ( 2020-11-04 08:31:21 -0600 )edit