Simplest model to model air-to-air AC and HP [closed]

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I am trying to find a program/script that I can extract from energy+ source code on github that can mimic a simple air-to-air AC for cooling in the summer but could also be used in the winter for heating - i.e.reversing the flow of refrigerant and used as air-to-air heat pump.

  1. Is the DX air cooling coil suitable for this? If so, can I use the same for the HP mode?
  2. Where is the cooling capacity modifier curve function of temperature taken from? And what about the one for heating?
  3. Where is the nominal COP and Capacity taken from? Is it from any of the the manufacturer's specs?
  4. Where can I find which type of AC/HP make and model can be modelled using this method?

In the end I will simply need to use the simplest model out there that can model an AC and HP capacity and cop as a function of air temperature and humidity, it does not need to be energy-plus' but this is what I found so far. It just needs to be open source and with a manual describing the assumtions and equations it is using so that I can understand what it is doing.

If anyone has any answers/suggestions I'd be greateful

thanks Jon

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