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Unable to find OpenStudio Shading Control SetPoint

asked 2017-03-01 04:56:12 -0600

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updated 2017-03-01 09:52:39 -0600

I am starting with OpenStudio and currently I am struggling with shading devices and especially with the ShadingControl object. I have searched the web and UnmetHours but could not find a solution to my problem.

When I follow the tutorial on Shading Controls (, I can choose OnIfHighSolarOnWindows for the shading control type, but I can not enter the setpoint for the solar irradiation which activates the shading device.

Am I missing something here?

I am using OpenStudio 1.14.0.

Actually I would like to use the other possible shading contol types offered by EnergyPlus, but as I learned from different posts here on UnmetHours, that has to probably be achieved by a UserScript or a measure.

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answered 2017-03-01 13:35:59 -0600

You can select a shading control object to set the setpoints. See documentation for units

image description

Shading control can be accessed in the OpenStudio application as well but optional fields will show up as light purple and can't be edited unless exposed by editing proper fields in plugin or with measure by setting a value. This is true for any object with optional fields.

image description

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Thanks for the advice. Since I used version 1.14.0 of the plugin, I could not see the additional inputs. With 2.0.3 installed, I can now see the inputs in your screenshots. I will now dig into the measure system to change the shading control strategy.

alichius's avatar alichius  ( 2017-03-02 07:37:02 -0600 )edit

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