How to model a split air conditioner, heat pump?

asked 2017-02-28 23:19:43 -0500

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updated 2017-05-04 09:05:51 -0500

I'm trying to modeling a commercial split air conditioner and heat pump, specifically the model: 38CQD048535MC of Carrier.

image description

The information available for these model is:

image description

I'm using:

  • HVACTemplate: Thermostat
  • HVACTemplate:System:Unitary
  • HVACTemplate:Zone:Unitary

In the HVACTemplate:System:Unitary, there are a lot of fields that I don't have the values for complete, so I'm using the default values giving by energy plus. In the field heating coil type there are three options: electric, gas and hot water. I'm using electric, but I'm not sure if these is the correct way to model the split when is working like a heat pump. For now, I did these:

image description

I would like to know if what I have done is correct or what is the correct way to model these kind of commercial air conditioners.

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