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Hello, I'm new to EnergyPlus modeling and I'm wondering if anyone could clarify something for me on the results of a model I am working on? In a detailed Summary Report such as "WindowEnergyReportMonthly" there are several window energy results listed for each window surface:

  • Surface Window Transmitted Solar Radiation Energy (SumOrAverage)
  • Surface Window Transmitted Beam Solar Radiation Rate Energy (SumOrAverage)
  • Surface Window Transmitted Diffuse Solar Radiation Energy (SumOrAverage)
  • Surface Window Heat Gain Energy (SumOrAverage)
  • Surface Window Heat Loss Energy (SumOrAverage)

My questions is: does the "Surface Window Heat Gain Energy" result include the Transmitted Solar Radiation Energy in addition to any conductive/convective gains (is it a sum of all the monthly heat gains)? Or does it NOT include this transmitted solar gain and only represent conductive / convective gains?

I wasn't sure where to find a detailed description of the Output variable types for these reports and what exactly they include / exclude. Just looking at the results of my model it seems that this field does NOT include the solar gains, but I just wanted to be sure.

thanks in advance for any help. best, -Ed

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