Where does runslab put the outputs from the prompt window?

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Hi everyone! I'm trying to get Surface temperatures from energyPlus. I'm no good with the prompt window but I have also problems with the IDF creator about slabs (I've also created a question about that.) So after creating my 4 floors building, i've also created a slab, but I can't really find a way to estrapolate the output from the prompt window.

I've created my weather file: CABOTO_CLIMA and then reached this point in the prompt window:

c:\ EnergyPlusV8-6-0\Preprocess\GrndTempCalc>runslab slabexample CABOTO_CLIMA

(then I press Enter and I get)

=====runslab (Run Slab Temperature Generation) ====Start==== Running Slab.exe Input File : slabexample.idf Output File: slabexample_slab.gtp labexample_slab.out labexample_slab.ger (if errors) Weather File : ....WeatherDATA\CABOTO_CLIMA.epw No Weather File: ..WeatherDATA\CABOTO_CLIMA.epw


I've also tried to redirect the outputs in another folder but it didn't worked, here it is:

c:\ EnergyPlusV8-6-0\Preprocess\GrndTempCalc>runslab slabexample CABOTO_CLIMA > GrndTempCalc

I'm pretty sure about the affidability of the Weather file i've created, or at least I hope so.

Thanks in advance!

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