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OpenStudio WWR only on outdoor surfaces

asked 2015-01-06 11:44:33 -0500

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updated 2017-08-05 13:09:52 -0500

I'd like to build a quick box of a building that has windows. If I select the building and set the WWR it adds windows to internal partitions. I look at the rb script and there is some code for outdoor boundary conditions that I don't understand.

Is there a way to set the WWR on a building without doing it one surface at a time, this is the only way I have been able to do it for the past 2 or so years.

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-01-06 13:39:23 -0500

Make sure you run surface matching before you run the window to wall ratio measure or user script. If you don't then the model will think all of the walls are exterior, and the measure will add windows to them.

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Before you do the surface matching like @David Goldwasswer recommends, click on the "Render by Boundary Condition" (blue box) then the X-ray render button (see-through box). Notice that before surface matching, all walls are dark blue (outdoors) whereas after surface matching, the interior walls are green (inter-zone boundary). The code you saw is differentiating between these two types of surfaces.

aparker's avatar aparker  ( 2015-01-06 16:55:52 -0500 )edit

answered 2015-01-12 12:37:53 -0500

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Thanks, this works. Im just wondering for my own curiosity, why would surfaces not be matched when you use the OS function to 'Create a Standard Building Shape'. I do understand that if you are hand drawing internal partitions, you need to make the extra step to match surfaces, but when you create a standard building, it seems like it would be 'almost' ready to simulate (e.g. only zoning is needed).

Is there a reason to have unmatched internal partitions, for instance, does that offer you more flexibility?

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@bryane please remove this comment from the answer section and append to your original question or as a comment to one of the answers. Thanks!

MatthewSteen's avatar MatthewSteen  ( 2015-07-26 16:25:15 -0500 )edit

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